Privacy Policy

(1) Ownership of Copyright

Our licensors and we own every content on this material and the associated productions. Every music, image, visual and audio contents including those on our websites(every thing on our website) belong to us.

(2) Copyright Licenses

a.) We extend you the freedom to view every material on our sites and quote any content that does not exceed 10 words on condition that you credit the source as emanating from us.

b.) On the same breadth, you are free to print pages, make duplicates, and scatter materials regarding our contents for educational and entertainment use free-of-charge without prior notice from us.

c.) As you do so, do not edit, alter, transform, republish, or distribute the contents save for obtaining express written permission from us.

(3) Data Mining

You may not collect any data from our site without our express permission and authority.

(4) Permissions

To request permission to use any material from our site, write us an e-mail at

(5) Enforcement of Copyright

We take seriously any violation of the copyright laws. As such, we do not hesitate to take any legal actions against anyone who breaches the provisions we have stipulated above. If you come across any contents that tend to go against our copyright rules, kindly reach out to us via the email above.

(6) Infringing Material

Likewise, if you come across any material that tends to infringe on our privacy or copyright laws, draw the same to our attention principally by writing to us via the email we have displayed above.

(7) Credit

We generated this notice courtesy of the SEQ legal templates.